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Where does consciousness come from? And how do our brains create it? A look at one of life’s biggest mysteries

Within each of our minds, the activity of billions of neurons gives rise to a conscious experience -- and not just any experience, yours, right here, right now. How does this happen? There's still so much we don't know ... and that's an amazing thing, says cognitive neuroscientist Anil Seth PhD.
Posted Dec 2021

A scientist explores: What if we could inoculate people against depression and trauma?

An accidental discovery led neuroscientist Rebecca Brachman PhD towards new insights into how stress triggers depression and PTSD -- and could offer a new approach to help fortify our resilience against mental illness.
Posted Nov 2021

Struggling to recall something? You may not have a memory problem — just an attention problem

Turns out, your memory isn’t a like video camera, recording a constant stream of every sight and sound you’re exposed to. In fact, you can only capture and retain what you pay attention to. Author and neuroscientist Lisa Genova explains.
Posted Sep 2021
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