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Dear Million,
We have arrived safely back in the U.K. today. We had a wonderful trip to South Ethiopia

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Coffee Tour

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. The indigenous coffee trees first grew in Ethiopia and these trees were first discovered blossoming “kaffa” region. The word coffee drives from Kaffa. Ethiopian coffee is well – Known for its unique aroma, flavor and acidity. These are characteristics which you don’t find in any other country. Genetically, Ethiopia has the most diversified coffee types --- there are thousands. Among the best – known varieties of Ethiopian Coffee:

  • Harar Coffee
  • Wollega Coffee
  • Limu coffee
  • Sidamo Coffee
  • Yirgacheffee Coffee

Ethiopian coffee Ceremony

The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is one of the most enjoyable events for visitors and the Ethiopian people themselves. The coffee is taken through its full life cycle of preparation in front of guests and family.

The Ethiopian homage coffee is usually beautiful and ceremonial. The ceremony more often is conducted by a woman usually dressed in the traditional Ethiopian costume of a white dress.

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